Auto Upholstery

Interior Repairs

Stryker automotive Interior upholstery reapair.

Check out our Auto interior upholstery repair page to see what Stryker can do for you and your car. 

Truck Seats & Interiors

Repaired blue truck bench seat.

If you're looking to repair your factory truck seats, or are looking for a full custom interior, Stryker is the place to go. 


Alpha Romeo headliner installed and repaired by Stryker in Connecticut CT

Stryker can repair, replace, restore, or customize your vehicle headliner. 

Interior Restoration

1933 Chevrolet. Tan with green wheels and engine cover removed.

Stryker has been restoring antique and classic car interiors for over 20 Years. We are able to locate specialty materials as well as perform all upholstery restoration tasks. 

Sports Car Interiors

Porsche 911 custom interior. Brown leather with red inserts.

Whether your looking to restore your classic sports car, or customize your new one, with Stryker your vehicle is in the right hands. 

Muscle Car Interiors

Muscle car interior upholstery in Ct Connecticut.

Whether you're restoring a classic muscle car or building a Pro Touring or Pro Street monster, Stryker will build you the coolest interior. Stryker not only re-upholsters, Stryker designs and fabricates all interior parts, seats, and accessories. 

Hot Rod & Custom Interiors

Hot Rod & Custom Interiors

Stryker is known for building some of the best auto upholstery in the North East. From initial design to finished products. We are comfortable working with customers at any stage.

Hot Rod interior upholstery located in Connecticut.

Hot Rod interior upholstery located in Connecticut.

1939 Chevy Interior

Take a look at this video of this 1939 Chevrolet Interior. 

1962 Lincoln Interior & 1954 Led Sled

A father and son team. We were lucky to have the opportunity to build a cool interior for JR's Led Sled 54 Chevy, and then a cool interior in his dad's 62 Lincoln.

1939 Ford Coast To Coast interior

Check out this totally cool interior we built and installed. Tan imitation leather with ostrich leather inserts in a 1939 Ford Coast to Coast. 

1938 Ford hot rod

Take a look at this cool interior we built for a long time local customer's 1938 Ford Hot Rod. 

1968 Fiat Autobianchi Special

Yes, that's right. Look at this beautiful 1968 Fiat Autobianchi Special. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to build a custom interior for it. 

Check out some of our work

Here is a look at some of our interior work. We hope you enjoy. 

1966 Mustang Interior installation

Look at this beautiful interior we installed in this 66 Mustang convertible. 

1967 Nova Interior

Check out these custom seats we made for this beautiful 1967 Chevy Nova.

Model T Hot Rod

Now here is an oldie but a goody. This T Bucket was in for some routine maintenance, however we built this custom interior over 10 years earlier. It still looks beautiful. 

1968 Mustang fast back

Look at some of the custom interior work we did on the rear of this 68 Mustang.